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: : Legacy Gifts @ St. Paul's

Click Here to download in Adobe PDF format, the St. Paul's "Wish List" of Legacy Items.

In 1837 the Reverend William Clark and his family set up a simple table in an orchard to offer the first service of worship in what would become the city of Brighton.  From that simple table St. Paul's has inherited a legacy of giving and welcoming that permeates our DNA. 

Countless others have left of us a legacy of worship and welcome and the time has come for us to do the same. Our legacy gifts are an opportunity to honor or memorialize those most dear to us while providing for those who will come after.

Our legacy gifts make up the "furniture" for worship.  Donations to these Legacy Gifts may be made in whole or in part: you may donate the entire item or a portion of an item.

Each Legacy Item is numbered and we encourage you to include the item number on checks made out to St. Paul's.




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A vibrant energy animates St. Paul's, Brighton, as it has throughout our 130+ year history. It is the desire to make God's inclusive love tangible and accessible by all people that have brought us to this crossroad in our history.

We have outgrown our current our facilities. Our programs, services and ministries are reaching and involving more and more people each day. From Tai Chi to the Fish& Loaves Community Meals, St. Paul's is engaged in meeting the needs of our community because we are conviinced that we serve Christ best in serving others.

As we look towards our future we are excited about the role that St. Paul's can play making the love of God real, visible and tangible to those in most need.


: : Not Equal Gifts but Equal Sacrifice...

Over the past 18 months we have embarked on a journey together to determine how our space can be renovated and expanded to meet not just our current needs, but to allow for flexibility for our future.

We need YOU! Members and friends of St. Paul's bring many gifts to our community. In using these gifts they find themselves in many different financial situations. To be successful, we need the support of all our parishioners and friends. We need the kind of generousity and spirit of sacrifice that filled the hearts of men and women who have supported the church since its founding. Their prayers and financial gifts have provided the facilities we now enjoy. The success of our efforts depends on your generosity in pledging an amount over and above your regular support.

We need YOU!

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